Things to know about coloured gel nails

In spite of getting your nail done in a beauty salon, it may get a dent while coming out or opening the bags. Therefore, a dig can be noticed within the nail quite naturally. Due to this reason, coloured gel nails are becoming popular with every passing day. It has become beauty trend. For the application of paint, you may not have to wait for too long. Bulletproof hues are created over the finger. Gloss and shine of the hue may stay the same for minimum two weeks.

Some people can be found that does not believe in the effectiveness of the gel nails. Devoted followers can be located at the same time. Experts have admitted that these paints may work wonder for you without much hassle.
Different from acrylic paints: From a solvent of powder dip nature, acrylic paints are generally developed. By wearing them, it is possible to achieve relatively longer fingers visually. The top layer of stronger nature can be noticed at the time too. Different kinds of tints can be noticed on the occasion. However, natural and clear tone can be obtained also. In the case of a gel option, the durable look can be ensured with the treatment from LED and UV Lamps.

Be safe with the removal process: Issues of these paints can be noticed. It is believed by some people that the paint does not allow you to breathe. However, the fact must be remembered that nails are not really a living organism. Therefore, it may not able to breathe at all. Both beds and cuticles can be found at the end of the finger. Living tissues are located within them. Due to this reason, you must stay careful with them. To avoid problems, the paint must be removed in a salon. A lot of money may not be wasted on the occasion. The beauty expert must extract the paint carefully. In the case of aggressive scrapping, damage can be noticed. The effect of crumble off is expected during the removal process.

Polish can be removed at home also safely: To save money, a visit to the salon can be avoided. Gel colour can be removed by you also. Cautious attitude must be employed on the occasion. The requirement of pure acetone 100% may be felt at the time. However, remover can be purchased from nearby shops also. Expensive options are generally noticed at the time. Less harsh remover of pure acetone must be bought on the occasion. By soaking the cotton ball in the remover, it must be placed over the tinted area of a finger. Following to wrap with a foil, the hand can be kept within a hand towel for about 15 minutes. Time can be extended to an hour also. Brand plays an important role. Use of cuticle with rubber end can be seen as the gel crumbles off naturally. In this way, the area can be cleaned in a proper manner. Techniques of scraping or filing must not be used ever. Hydration level of the finger can be maintained by using moisturiser or cuticle oil at the end.

Get result with the home kit: Several brands can be found that offers remarkable results. From the experts at the salon, you may get to know about these kits easily. Professional may help you to buy these kits also. Several salons sell these kits for the optimum amount of advantage. Control over the finger can be retained effectively with these kits. More time may be required to paint the fingers with this option in comparison to acrylic ones. However, the effect lasts for more time at the same time. Instructions must be followed adequately. The steady hand may be needed to get beautiful fingers. If you do not have firm hand then it is better to rely on professional.

Lasts for two to three weeks: Beauty of the finger can be maintained for a longer duration without any doubt. In case you have a line up of events in front of you then you can go with this option. It can be considered a perfect solution for you. Chipping may not be noticed at the time at all. Body nature may play a role at the time also. Praise can be obtained from the nails every time.